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【Graduation Gift】3 Best Items That Can Be Customized with Names!


Hello, everyone ☺

Spring has officially arrived in Japan!!

The cherry blossom is beautiful out there and it is the middle of graduation season in Japan now????

So today I’m introducing items that can be customized with names for graduates who will be working soon(‘ω’)ノ

The items are super cute also for other occasion like birthday, so check them out♡

【You can read this article in 5 min.↓】

Business Card Holders

(Photo: http://www.treasure-factory.jp/products/


It definitely depends on what kind of job they will have, but once they get a job after graduating it is likely that they are going to have a business card so a business card holder would be a good gift especially for those in the sales!

A business card holder can be a little difficult to pick because you should think about not only their favorite style but also what kind of job they have.

If your friend is going to work in beauty or fashion industry, something a bit fancy is probably okay.

↓These pastel colors are girly and super cute♡

(Photo: http://www.treasure-factory.jp/products/


But if your friend will be working in an environment where how you look is very important (e.g. sales man), you should avoid high brand, bright colors – something that stands out too much.

I recommend simple leather that lasts long!



↑Small sized customized name would be nice (*^。^*)

Black seems a bit more guyish for ladies so I would say light beige or navy blue★

Items from “Paul Smith” can be customized with name and they have those simple and stylish designs so you should have a look at them!

There are so many of card holders that you can purchase online easily with customize so I hope you find the best one for your friend(*‘∀‘)


(Photo: http://komono.me/538)

Pens are probably the most common customized item with names!

These are really the best to gift, because anyone can use it (*^^*)

The ones I recommend the most is from “SWAROVSKI” !

(Photo: https://www.pen-house.net/detail/


Swarovski glittering through the transparent glass is just so pretty✨

This for sure will become their favorite one!

And I know sometimes the ink just runs out and it sucks not to be able to use the pen anymore…

But the ink of these pens can easily be changed so you can use it forever°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

There are many different designs and sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase them online so go check them out!


(Photo: https://locari.jp/posts/81373)

The last one are the lipsticks♡

As an adult and officially working out there, it is important to always look neat!

For all working ladies out there, lipstick is a very simple makeup item that you should always carry around with you(^O^)/

Even if you are not interested in makeup, just putting lip color can change quite a lot ☆

The customized with name lipstick is super popular among girls these days and I know so many girls who got them as a gift and loved it!

I would say it’s best to pick not too vivid color so it’s easy to use when they go to work as well (*’ω’*)!

~ Top 3 lipstick brands that can be customized with name ~

Click on it to find the details!


・ESTÉE LAUDER (エスティ ローダー)

・JILL STUART(ジルスチュアート)

You never know when people find their prince charming, so gift them a cute lipstick to always look pretty(^_-)-☆

Gift customized items with names!

If you are ever wondering what graduation gift to give to your friends, these 3 items are the go-to!

It’s always nice to add on a little message and flowers❁

Congratulations, graduates of 2018★

Rikako Takahashi


Hi ???? I’m Rikako! I’m Japanese, a returnee from Shanghai and I currently study at Sophia University in Tokyo. Love anything “fashionable”, “cute” and “fun”♡Especially interested in fashion, makeup, restaurants/cafes, and photography! I hope to share what’s new and trendy to give you guys tips to create your own perfect lifestyle★


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