Definitely should know! Starbucks White Peach Secret Menu!


Good morning everyone!

Today I will be sharing with you about Starbucks!

Starbucks has a variety of drinks for you to choose from, but they also have different customs where you can create your own favorite drink!

Within all the custom-made drinks, I want to share the most famous custom-made drink out of all, which is for those in the know: White Peach Frappucino!

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Just want to put it out there first – although it’s famous called a White Peach Frappucino, it merely tastes like white peach, so it does not use real fruits to create this refreshment.

However, once you take a sip you’ll be able to taste the sweet and fresh white peach custom-made frappucino!

For those of you think it’s a pain to make such a long custom-made order…

Don’t you worry! Although know to be a secret menu, it’s been around for about 3-4 years now and it’s a famous drink amongst Starbucks fans.

At some Starbucks you can make an order saying “Can I get a White Peach Frappucino”?

They will know exactly what you’re talking about!

But obviously there will be some stores where they might be a but confused, so I want to share with you how to order the custom-made White Peach frappucino!

It’s an easy order!

  1. Base: Mango Passion Tea Frappucino
  2. No Passion Tea
  3. Add White Mocha Syrup (+ ¥50)
  4. (Your Choice) Add Whipped Cream (+ ¥50)

And you have created your own personal frappucino:

It’s aesthetically pretty as well and totally Instagram-worthy!

When I took my first sip, I blatantly thought “Wait, it actually doesn’t use real peach in this”?

There might be some people out there that think it tastes nothing like white peach, but the drink itself has an amazing flavor so I recommend you try it out!

It approximately costs ¥600 so definitely a great deal in comparison to the seasonal drinks in Starbucks!

I hope you try out the White Peach Frappucino!

You won’t regret it 🙂

Hina Ishibashi


Hi! I’m a university student in Tokyo and I am in love with American fashion, makeup, cosmetics, music, festivals, magazines, food, gossip, workouts, and so much more. I’ve been into the American lifestyle for a while now so I’m more than excited to share it with you guys! Let’s get the LA vibe going!!


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