Old Writers

A Y A K A 

I’m a college student from the Kansai region who’ve got a broad span of hobbies!
Eating, sleeping, listening to music and traveling is what I love the most,
I’m an aggressive sports watcher, but also enjoy pondering and gazing into the sky for times when I want to relax.
I would describe myself as a lazy person with strong preferences, and I may be described as unique, but would love to share informative facts that you can apply in your daily lives, as well as things I enjoy doing 🙂 


R I K A K O 

Hi 🙂 I’m Rikako!

I’m Japanese, a returnee from Shanghai and I currently study at Sophia University in Tokyo.

Love anything “fashionable”, “cute” and “fun”♡

Especially interested in fashion, makeup, restaurants/cafes, and photography!I hope to share what’s new and trendy to give you guys tips to create your own perfect lifestyle★


オーエン梨香Hi, I’m Rinka!

I am half Japanese half Australian, and am currently living in Tokyo !
I love to watch YouTube videos, and read fashion magazines, and is always pursuing the new trends ☺
I am still a university student, but I hope to share Tokyo’s newest fashion trends 🙂




Born in Kagoshima prefecture, and raised in Tokyo!

I just LOVE eating, and traveling!!

My goal is to travel all around Japn before I graduate Univeristy!
My hobbies are running and yoga ????‍♀️

I hope to share my happy vibe for you guys to get some positivity and I am excited to looking forward to provide you with lots of informations ????

M A K O 

鎌田真子Hey guys! Konnichiwa!

I was born in Aoyama prefecture, and currently going to college in Tokyo!
I have always been interested in the foreign country, and I actually studied English by myself!!!

Anything related to beauty and modern, but classy areas are things I just love!
I hope to share these with you 🙂