Mysterious Lipstick: “Kailijumei” Review


[Original Text By: Kaai Yamada]

Hey guys☺

Looking for a cute color of lipstick for a little change of your makeup look?! ????

Here’s a little review on this “Kailijumei” lipstick that everyone’s been talking about!

This lipstick is not just an ordinary lipstick… Find out why! ↓↓↓↓

【You can read this article in 3-5min.】

So the color I tried out was flame red

See the lipstick is quite fancy even from the package✨

I listed 3 reasons why you should purchase this item(^o^)丿

1. The package is super cute

2. It also has unique design

3. And lastly, this amazing lipstick itself!

When you take it out, this is what the lipstick looks like↓

It has a small dry flower and gold flakes inside the lipstick that can be seen through the transparent lipstick.

Isn’t it super cute?(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Check out what it looks like before and after!



Once you apply on your lips, you get this flowery smell as well????

This is oil based lipstick, so it comes with both lip care and gloss functions!

What’s more amazing about this Kailijumei lipstick is that it has vitamin E, olive oil, and natural ingredients, everything that’s good for your skin!

I actually have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful with what products I use, but with this I don’t have to worry about my lips getting irritated!

And there’s something mysterious and interesting about this lipstick↓

  1. Color changes accoridng to your lips’ pH level
  2. Color changes according to your body (lips) temperature

This basically means the color changes according to individual’s condition!

It’s so weird, but super cool! (*´▽`*)

Now you don’t have to go out to purchase new items because you can enjoy the change of colors everyday★

Hope this review helped, and go check out other colors as well!!

Click here to purchase Kailijumei lipsticks ????????

Seeya next time~

Rikako Takahashi


Hi ???? I’m Rikako! I’m Japanese, a returnee from Shanghai and I currently study at Sophia University in Tokyo. Love anything “fashionable”, “cute” and “fun”♡Especially interested in fashion, makeup, restaurants/cafes, and photography! I hope to share what’s new and trendy to give you guys tips to create your own perfect lifestyle★


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