10 Items to bring for an instagram worthy picnic!


Hey guysss ☺

Today’s topic is picnic!

Have you been on a picnic recently?

Why not use a good sunny day for a picnic with your friends or your boyfriend♡

I’m going to share some ideas about what items to bring to make totally worth instagramming picnic!!

【You can read this article in 5min.↓】

Before you pick items to bring, let’s pick a theme for your picnic!

If you want really pop and playful theme, you can add bright colors like this↓

(Photo: http://k.newnewnews.jp/contents/?id=2073)

↓Use white and blue color scheme for “fancy at the beach” kind of picnic

(Photo: http://getnews.jp/archives/2028689/gate)

It’s easier to pick your items if you settle on one theme!

Another idea is simply pick a color as your theme, like “pink”♡

(Photo: http://howcollect.jp/article/26401)

Now let’s get started to create instagram worthy picnic ❕

Picnic mat

The very first thing you need is a picnic mat!

(Photo: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/ich/090001/)

Plaid picnic mat may be mainstream, but you can’t go wrong with this one!!

And I recommend those compact ones that can be folded ( ^)o(^ )

What’s very popular these days are the round towels

(Photo: https://www.pinterest.jp/redrainbuddha/meditation/?lp=true)

A lot of people bring it to the beach, but it definitely works for picnic as well!

(Photo: https://hinata.me/article/750680176221230801)

↑Some really cute designs★

There are sooo many different colors and designs, so check them out and pick the ones according to your theme!

Black board & Chalk

(Photo: https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/293437731960484150/?lp=true)

Black board and chalk are a must for instagram worthy picnic pictures!(^^)!

You could write your name and your friends / boyfriend’s name, whoever you are having picnic with, the theme of the day or the date!

I think a small black board will be just perfect for a cute picnic♡

(Photo: https://ameblo.jp/xxnc-yvn-naxx/entry-12217819555.html)

You can place this after everything is ready and it’ll for sure add to the look (#^.^#)

Alphabet decorations

(Photo: https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2149144210418206701)

Alphabet decorations are also very nice to have on the picnic mat!

If you want the natural look, you could leave it as it is (the wooden design) or you can paint it over to make it look colorful★

If you think it’s too much of work to paint it over, you could always use colored or even designed masking tape and be creative(*’▽’)

Why don’t you pick you and your friends / boyfriend’s initials to make the picture your own!


(Photo: https://mountain-c.com/media/9582)

There are different kinds of baskets you can get, but a simple brown basket like above that you can open and close are the best (‘ω’)ノ

It’s very useful because you can take what you need for the picnic inside this basket!

(Photo: https://wear.koe.com/cts/170906_picnic.html)

(Photo: Calendar.google.com/calendar/r?mode=day&date=20171210T060253)

↑ It’s useful because you can also use it as a table like this!

It’s better to have relatively a big size so you can put a lot of stuff inside to bring it and actually use it as a table as well (#^^#)

If you are interested, you can purchase this on Amazon!

Cups & Plates

(Photo: http://samuraibuyer.jp/jp/item/detail.php?item_cd=B01FP6YZHC)

You are obviously going to need some cups and plates to share your food and drinks!

What comes into the pictures are also those little items so they are important!!

Make sure you pick cute ones that fit into your theme and similar designs or patterns of cups and plates (^.^)/~~~

I recommend disposable paper cups and plates if you want to trash everything after the picnic.

But plastic cups and plates are also good if you don’t mind taking it back home( ^)o(^ )

(Photo: https://www.amazon.co.jp/キントー-シャンパングラス-ROSETTE-グリーン-22834/dp/B00AF1Z5O0)

↑Doesn’t it look like real glass?

These are perfect for fancy picnic✨

What’s good is that you can reuse them after for home parties so it’s totally worth buying!


(Photo: https://ameblo.jp/colorweblog/entry-12275584645.html)

Jars are also reusable item like the plastic items I just introduced!

Food and drink just looks so much better when they are in those jars (*ノωノ)

Also, paper cups and plates can be a little unstable at the picnic so I really recommend those jars.

(Because isn’t there always someone that spills paper cup drink? lol)

And I will be sharing some of the food and drink ideas later! ↓


(Photo: http://howpa.jp/519)

Next is cushion!

You might be thinking “why bring cushions just for a picnic?”

But once you bring them, I’m sure you’ll understand why it’s so nice to have cushions at a picnic (*^-^*)

This is because even if you are having a picnic in the middle of nowhere and not necessarily surrounded by beautiful scenery, having colored cushions really changes the atmosphere!

It for sure becomes “instagram material” ★

It’s also practical, if you feel like taking a little nap at the picnic (^^♪

Balloons, Lanterns and Flag garland

(Photo: http://magazine.lumine.ne.jp/?p=55805)

Here are more decorations – balloons, lanterns and flag garland for instagram worthy picnic!

If you are having a birthday picnic, balloons are MUST????

Get special balloons for the birthday girl / boy!

You can hang the lanterns like this to make your own special area↓

(Photo: https://www.pinterest.es/pin/789537378393928261/)

And I’m sure many of you have seen this – flag garland ↓

(Photo: http://kuchikomi-web.jp/blog/entry/20180226_02_17_ok)

Try this out if there are trees where you could hang them!

※Be careful not to let the decorations fly away by wind


(Photo: https://iwiz-lifemagazine.c.yimg.jp/im_siggriA_VYoy74enLBSVwkiPHw—x800/d/mellow-01/mogmog_writer/2c/14/9e52)

Another decoration are flowers????

Pick cute flowers of the season and just by placing it on your mat makes it look so much prettier!

Flowers blend in so well especially because picnics are outside in the nature (^-^)

(Photo: https://icotto.jp/presses/9853)

You can put them in a cute vase or just have them lay there naturally????

Food & Drink

Lastly, but most importantly the food and drinks!!

I’ll list up some of my favorites using the jars I introduced earlier↓


(Photo: https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/286400857532436387/)

Put some colorful fruits with tea or alcoholic drink and you’ll have fruits tea / cocktail!

Super easy, right?!

Pick some cute straws to finish the instagram material look♡

(You can make these as you make your fruit salad ↓)


Here is a jar salad!

(Photo: http://www.my-vegetable.com/archives/837)

All you have to do is put vegetables randomly or in order and salad dressing over it!

This actually tastes really good as the vegetable absorbs the dressing inside the jar (‘ω’)ノ

Add more stuff like chicken, fish, pasta with your preferences★


(Photo: https://more.hpplus.jp/odekake/gourmet/35119)

“How could this be a sandwich?”

I know it doesn’t look like a sandwich…lol

But this is becoming a trend for a picnic because it definitely looks nice and of course it tastes good too!

It’s basically like salad, but it has pieces of bread in it!

If you want to make sure your bread is nice and crusty, avoid putting dressing beforehand and it would be better to bring the dressing or some kind of sauce to use it at the picnic.

Fruit salad????

(Photo: https://allabout.co.jp/gm/gc/448002/)

This is a similar idea to salad (*^。^*)

Cut the fruits and put them in a jar!

Again, very simple.

Putting honey over it tastes really nice too????


(Photo: http://kodomono.net/?p=1442)

And finally who is up for really sweet dessert!

I recommend this especially for a birthday picnic ????

You need sponge cake, fruits (strawberries are always good!), and whip cream.

Then put them inside the jar in order!

Have you noticed you can literally put everything in the jar? lol

It’s super easy, and looks good★

Now you are ready for instagram worthy picnic!

Hope you got some good ideas for your next picnic ♪

You can purchase most of the items at a 100 yen store or “3COINS” store, and the rest are on Amazon!

Enjoy your day at the picnic~(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Rikako Takahashi


Hi ???? I’m Rikako! I’m Japanese, a returnee from Shanghai and I currently study at Sophia University in Tokyo. Love anything “fashionable”, “cute” and “fun”♡Especially interested in fashion, makeup, restaurants/cafes, and photography! I hope to share what’s new and trendy to give you guys tips to create your own perfect lifestyle★


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