How to get ready for your sleepover date♡


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Hello~ everyone

Today’s topic is sleepover with your boyfriend♥

So imagine you are about to get yourself ready to go on your first ever sleepover date at your boyfriend’s house!

There’s so many things to worry about and one of them being how you look after taking a bath…

Yes. Which means NO MAKEUP((+_+))

Now, you look yourself in the mirror thinking “oh am I really gonnna look like this… no makeup in front of him?”

Anyone at first when you start dating someone would obviously want to look fabulous in front of your boyfriend, so how are we going to look “fabulous” in front of him?!

Wearing makeup at night is just meh… BUT you are not comfortable with no makeup…

Well, I’m just about to share “3 Things to do the night before your sleepover date” so check it out!

【You can read this article in 3min.↓】

To do #1

Face mask is the frist thing to do after you take the bath the day before your special day.

From my experience, face masks can change a lot of your skin condition the next day, so it’s totally worth it!

Skin that’s not moisturized enough gives off such an old and dull impression✖

Good skin = You look young and fresh!

Make sure to bring facial lotion to the sleepover as well to keep the skin looking moisturized and fresh (#^^#)

I know there are so many kinds of face masks, but picking the ones with a lot of moisturizing effect can help a lot!

For that I especially recommend hibiscus, rose, or honey because these have high moisturizing effect★

To do #2

The next thing you should do is tinting eyebrows (^o^)丿

Eyebrows are said to be one of the most importants parts in makeup, so if you have your eyebrows tinted, it makes quite a difference!

It’s also super easy, all you have to do is apply the tint over your eyebrows and leave it for 2h or more.

I even sleep with it because I want it to last as long as possible!! lol

A lot of makeup up brands have tinted eyebrows and they are usually about 900 ~ 1500 Japanese yen (^o^)丿

To do #3

Last, but not least is tinted lips????

Lips can probably be the next important part in make up after eyebrows…

The colour of your lips can really identify your facial impression so it’s important (*´ω`)

Some people like me having very sensitive skin including lips may avoid these, but you can always use coloured vaseline instead!

If you are interested in lip tint, I recommend “Berrisom” which you can purchase from Etude House or some shops in Korean Town for about 500 Japanese yen.

I would say Lovely Pink or Pure Pink are the best ones as they are the closest to natural look????

Now, you ready for your sleepover date?♥

Look fabulous and enjoy your time with your boyfriend xxx

Rikako Takahashi


Hi ???? I’m Rikako! I’m Japanese, a returnee from Shanghai and I currently study at Sophia University in Tokyo. Love anything “fashionable”, “cute” and “fun”♡Especially interested in fashion, makeup, restaurants/cafes, and photography! I hope to share what’s new and trendy to give you guys tips to create your own perfect lifestyle★


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