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[Must-haves for a Fashionista] Top 5 clothing pieces for the winter season!


Merry Christmas!

How do you usually celebrate Christmas?

On such a special day during the winter season, don’t you feel like dressing up a bit?

Today I want to share with you:

Top 5 winter items that every girl should own!

【You can read this article in 5 min. ↓】

Knitted Top

I’m sure most of you know, but a knitted top should definitely be in one of your drawers!

Cable knit sweaters have been popular recently as well and you might find them in your local stores.

There are a variety of knitted tops out there so find the one that looks best on you and style it with your favorite accessories!

And voila!

You have created your very own stylish winter go-to look!

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I like to dress simple and casual most of the days, so like in the image I usually go for basic colored knits such as black, white, or grey.

Just like cable knitted sweaters, off turtlenecks have been a must-have item!

It’s an item that keeps you both warm and sophisticated even without a scarf!

No need to worry about your Heat-tech (Uniqlo item) revealed underneath because of the full coverage.

The recommended hairstyle while creating an outfit with the off turtleneck would be a messy bun!

Just like this one ♪

Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts is one of the versatile clothing items that could be found in your closet!

Could be worn underneath a sweater, tied around your waist, or just by itself.

So many color variations can be found within the plaid shirts out there, but the one I definitely think you should purchase/own is the red x black combination.

The image says it all! Such a statement piece that easily makes you look fashionable!

I really like the look of a leather jacket worn on a plaid shirt.

Green based plaid shirts are pretty popular too and if you coordinate it well, you’ll be able to create a smart and chic look.

Finding the right plaid shirt that fits and looks well on your skin tone may be difficult so I suggest you try it on before you purchase one!

If you want one of the best fitting plaid shirts, try visiting American Eagle Outfitters because they sell some great quality shirts with a variety of colors!

Black Skinnies

As for bottoms during the winter season, black skinny jeans is another item that you should have.

You can recreate variations of styles with these black skinnies because they basically go with anything!

Some shoes that would look good with black skinny jeans would be these

Black heeled boots

Doc Martens

Mouton boots


Although the same jeans, with different shoes its able to bring a different vibe to your look.


Without this item, you wouldn’t be able to survive a cold winter day!

Although the main purpose of this is to this item is to keep you warm, by adding a scarf around your neck it gives a whole new look.

I personally prefer snood scarves over normal scarves, but with normal scarves you can find ones with designs and patterns so you can attain a fashionable self!

Plaid scarves have always been popular to add to simple outfits so I recommend you get one if you don’t own one yet!


The last winter item is a warming, comfortable, and also stylish – mouton!

Some might think moutons aren’t very in-style, but other then mouton boots, you can find yourself mouton flats and jackets!

A leather jacket with mouton on the inside will give a vintage look, and a jacket with mouton both in and out you can achieve a sophisticated look.

Mouton boots seem to be more of a warming item rather than a fashion statement.

But famous brands Ugg and EMU have been bringing in stylistic features to their boots such as ribbons, so you will definitely be able to find the fit for you!

With these 5 items, you’ll perfect a winter day!

It’s important for you to wear an outfit that you favor, but it’s also nice to add seasonal items to your look!

Stay warm and find your own look for the season; let’s survive the cold winter day ????

Hina Ishibashi


Hi! I’m a university student in Tokyo and I am in love with American fashion, makeup, cosmetics, music, festivals, magazines, food, gossip, workouts, and so much more. I’ve been into the American lifestyle for a while now so I’m more than excited to share it with you guys! Let’s get the LA vibe going!!


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