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[Mascara that give you the look of extensions] MAX DONAS Mascara Review


Hey everyone!

 Today I want to introduce to you a mascara that give you the look of eyelash extensions – super thick and super long!

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What do you usually do to your eyelashes??

In all honesty, I think the best lashes can be achieved through eyelash extensions.

But then the problem with lash extensions is that you need to get them done once a month, plus your natural lashes fall off!

Also, with the use of lash extensions you begin to realize how thin your natural lashes have become.

So then if you are like I am, I end up using falsies.

Falsies undeniably give your lashes an amazing amount of volume!

But again to be honest, applying falsies everyday is sort of a pain.. isn’t it?

You even start to face days where your falsies don’t even look the best because you sometimes lose concentration and you literally cannot deal with applying them anymore.

And therefore, including myself, many of us end up reaching out for our usual lash curler and mascara.

But you still can’t forget how lengthening and voluming your lashes can be with the use of either extensions or falsies.

So then you begin to think … so what am I supposed to use?

And that is why I’ve tested out this mascara from MAX DONAS today!

This mascara gives you the absolute volume and length; simply put, it gives you the look of eyelash extensions!

The MAX DONAS mascara also serves for an amazing deal.

The packaging looks like a typical high-end mascara that’s chic and classy.

Now I will be showing some pictures of myself applying the product on my eyelashes.

The center of the spooli is thin and the wand is shaped in a way that should be easy to use on the eye.

I will be showing you the look of my eyes before and after I try on the MAX DONAS mascara.

As you can view in the images, without a lash curler and mascara, my natural lashes are shaped downwards and has no volume. ): 

But as I apply the mascara….

My eyelashes now look extremely volumized as if I’m wearing lash extensions!

I think the biggest quality of this product is that not only does it give you great volume and length, but it fully gives an existence to your lashes and livens up your face!

I also wore this mascara throughout the day and it hasn’t smeared or worn off.

This is definitely a great deal for this quality!

I strongly recommend this mascara for you so don’t forget to check it out!

Hina Ishibashi


Hi! I’m a university student in Tokyo and I am in love with American fashion, makeup, cosmetics, music, festivals, magazines, food, gossip, workouts, and so much more. I’ve been into the American lifestyle for a while now so I’m more than excited to share it with you guys! Let’s get the LA vibe going!!


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