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【Graduation Gift】3 Best Items That Can Be Customized with Names!

Hello, everyone ☺ Spring has officially arrived in Japan!! The cherry blossom is beautiful out there and it is the middle of graduation season in Japan now🌸 So today I’m introducing items that can be customized with names for graduates who will be working soon(‘ω’)ノ The items are super cute also for other occasion like birthday, so check them out♡ 【You can read this article in 5 min.↓】 Business Card Holders (Photo: list.php?category_id=11) It...


【New Year, New Items!】3 Cute Items You Should Purchase for New Year★

☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆ Hey guys ☺ How are you all spending your new year? I hope you are having good time with your loved ones♡ One way to start a new year is shopping (^^♪ Why don’t you purchase new items and start your year fresh! I’m going to introduce 3 items you should purchase as the new year begins!! 【You can read this article in 8 min. ↓】 Diary The first item I recommend...


Definitely should know! Starbucks White Peach Secret Menu!

Good morning everyone! Today I will be sharing with you about Starbucks! Starbucks has a variety of drinks for you to choose from, but they also have different customs where you can create your own favorite drink! Within all the custom-made drinks, I want to share the most famous custom-made drink out of all, which is for those in the know: White Peach Frappucino! [You can read this article in 2 mins. ↓↓↓] Just want...