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【New Year, New Items!】3 Cute Items You Should Purchase for New Year★



Hey guys ☺ How are you all spending your new year?

I hope you are having good time with your loved ones♡

One way to start a new year is shopping (^^♪

Why don’t you purchase new items and start your year fresh!

I’m going to introduce 3 items you should purchase as the new year begins!!

【You can read this article in 8 min. ↓】


The first item I recommend is the diary

As you grow older, keeping track of your own schedule is very important!(^^)!

I know that many people keep their schedule on their laptop or smartphone calendar, but I highly recommend having your own diary because of so many designs and useful functions that allow you to personalize it!

I particularly like the Rollbahn Diary series from DELFONICS (‘ω’)ノ

They have their usual colorful basic designs, but this year they also added star designs, and the dog designs for the year of dog????????

My favorite is the wood design! I like the kind of chic and natural design of it, it’s super cute♡

↓The wood design has both light brown and dark brown

The white rings are attached to the light brown diary and the other one has the gold rings.

I have the light brown one and I love it (*’▽’)

The inside looks like this↓

There’s size M and L, and it has monthly schedule, as well as lots of notes and pockets!

↓The price of this wood design diary is as below:

M size: ¥918 (tax included)

L size: ¥1,188 (tax included)

I think it’s such a reasonable price!

There are so many other designs so you should definitely go check them out (^_-)-☆

*You can purchase the diaries at [DELFONICS] and [Smith], or the online store.

Click here to find your own diary(^O^)/

(Photo: DELFONICS, 2017 http://shop.delfonics.com/fs/delfonics/c/cat204)


The next one is wallet!

I would say it’s best to change your wallet when it’s a new year or your birthday☆

I recently got a new wallet as well(*^^*)

There are so many cute wallets out there but I recommend IL BISONTE because of the designs for all seasons and occasions★ 


IL BISONTE is a fashion brand which mainly has leather products that are hand made by professional craftsman.

What I really like about this brand is that it’s very simple and the designs are unisex!

The little buffalo logo is so cute♡

IL BISONTE started making bags originally, but now they have so many other items including variety of wallets↓

(Photo: http://www.ilbisonte.jp/standard/list/wallet-conpact_wallet)

When I purchased my wallet, I was really debating over the type of wallet, the design and the color, but this is the one I finally chose (#^.^#)↓

↑Price: ¥21,600 (tax included)

I chose this really compact wallet that folds in half(‘ω’)ノ

I like compact wallets because you won’t have trouble putting it in a small bag and I chose the very simple design with the most natural color you can get★

What’s good about this is that you can enjoy the aging of leather, the leather changes color as you continue to use.

↓See the difference in the change of color!

(Photo: www.ilbisonte.jp/special/beautiful-aging/)

Most items at IL BISONTE have 12 different colors so I’m sure you can find your favorite color(^_-)-☆

(Photo: http://www.ilbisonte.jp/assets/color-sample/original-leather.html)

I also recommend the coin case if you already have your favorite wallet and you don’t want to change.

(Photo: http://www.ilbisonte.jp/standard/list/wallet-coin_purse)

There are many other items in store for a nice gift so check them out from here if you are interested!(^^)!

Smartphone Case

Finally, the last item I want to introduce to you guys is the smartphone case!!

I don’t think there’s anyone without a case on their phone these days… so

Here’s an online site that I want to share with you all to create your own smartphone cases!(^^)!

It’s called Casetify

Casetify not only has cases for phones, but for all sorts of electronic devices such as iPad, apple watch, and laptop!

They all come in so many different types and it’s super cute(*’ω’*)

And what’s amazing is that you can customize your original cases!!

For example, the glittered case with your name printed looks like this↓

It’s also really easy to make!

How to customize your own iPhone case:

→ Choose your iPhone model

→ Pick your favorite glitter

→ Insert your name (you can choose if you want it horizontal or vertical)

→ Choose the font and color

That’s all(^O^)/ You can literally make it in few minutes!

↓As you can see, there are famous celebrities in Japan like Hikari Mori, and Thelma Aoyama also making their own iPhone cases from Casetify (*^▽^*)

(Photo: Instagram – casetify_jp)

It would be really nice to have matching cases with your friends or boyfriend (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Click here for more information!

If it’s easier for you, you can always download the app as well (^.^)/~~~

Start fresh with new items!

Try look for these 3 items for new year (^^♪

Have an amazing year, everyone☆彡

Rikako Takahashi


Hi ???? I’m Rikako! I’m Japanese, a returnee from Shanghai and I currently study at Sophia University in Tokyo. Love anything “fashionable”, “cute” and “fun”♡Especially interested in fashion, makeup, restaurants/cafes, and photography! I hope to share what’s new and trendy to give you guys tips to create your own perfect lifestyle★


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