Cute and Fashionable Ear Piercing Guide! The 5 perfect Spots To Pierce Your Ears♡


Hello everybody! It’s been a while.

Bored during quarantine? Wondering quick and easy ways to spice up your fashion?

Or have you already made the decision to pierce your ears but are wondering where to pierce your ears?

Worry no more!! ???? — Here is the perfect article for you.

Today I am going to introduce you guys to the five best locations to pierce your ears! Please get them done safely by a dermatologist.

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First of all, let’s take a quick look of the possible parts of the ear you can get piercings. It’s more than you imagined, isn’t it?

And some look very painful to pierce… but won’t worry, there’s always anesthesia????

Without further ado, let’s get started!



You might have seen your friends have this part of the ear pierced, but this is actually the second most popular part of your ear to get piercings after the ear lobe!


This part of your ear is called the helix or the cartilage. It is common to get your ears pierced in this area because the helix is the softest cartilage tissue in your ear. Also, it is the part of the year that is most protruding so people would most likely recognize your new piercings❤️


These types of piercings might be common in the cartilage area, but ring piercings are very cute, too!



The next location of that year I want to recommend for you to pierce is the tragus!

The tragus is the small piece of cartilage in the inner corner of the year. Recently, is gradually getting attention in Asian countries like Japan as well.


Because it is a small piece of the ear, a subtle piece cute piercing is enough to make it shine???? Of course you can choose to put a ring piercing on the tragus, but I recommend putting a little diamond piercing.

It is super duper cute as seen in these images, but one thing you have to be careful about this part of the ear is that many people have reported it has been the most painful ear piercing to get.


Also, if you love listening to music, you might want to rethink about getting your tragus pierced because the back piece of the piercing often gets stuck in your earphone cords????

Inner Conch


In cartilage piercings, the conch piercing is pretty standard but in general, it is still a minor part of the ear to pierce.

You might feel like conch piercings don’t stand out because it is in the inner part of the year, but there is definitely more area than the tragus so you can have a little bit of fun and experiment with it!


These types of design go well with the inner conch, but if you change it to the ring piercing, you can rock a totally different vibe????


People will definitely notice your style with this unique piercing✨



First things first, it hurts like a **** to get your rook pierced. BUT it is definitely worth going through the pain and I recommend getting your rooks pierced 10/10.

Not too many people have their rooks pierced, so it might be a bit odd in the beginning but Ricci from ToThe9’s has the rook piercing and I. FELL. IN. LOVE.


I’m not too sure If this is a popular opinion, but I personally feel like the rook piercing is cuter than the helix or inner conch.


Another thing I like about the rook piercing is that because there are no back pieces of the piercing m sticking out of your ear, you do not have to think about your hair getting tangled in the piercings!



The last place I am going to recommend getting your ear pierced is the industrial!

You might’ve seen some people getting their industrial pierced, but it might not be as common as the other cartilage piercings.


It seems painful because you have to pierce two parts of the helix simultaneously, but as aforementioned, the helix is the softest part of the cartilage so I believe it is not as painful as the inner conch or tragus.


It might not be the easiest part of the ear to get pierced because things might get caught up in the loooooong piercing but I definitely think it is one of the most fashionable places to get your ears pierced????

Where to get the CUTEST accessories online

Now that I have introduced locations of the ear I recommend getting pierced, I would like to conclude this article by sharing some of my favorite accessory shops!


The first accessory shop that I want to recommend is Adornmonde♡

You might be familiar with this brand because super celebs like Kendall Jenner, Lily Colins, Sophia Richie and Vanessa Hudgens wear accessories from Adornmonde????

click here to check the brand out♡↓

They are all super cute, but what I like best about this brand is that they are super affordable!

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was a bit suspicious of why this brand is able to sell these extremely cute products at affordable price, but it is because they are only sold online!

So you definitely better go check it out! It’s super fashionable, affordable, unique and versatile ☺️

Also, Adornmonde is the jewelry shop that made the choker go viral so you might find the perfect accessory that goes viral next????

♡Top 5 Earring Picks From Adornmonde♡

There are honestly so many cute accessories I want to recommend from Adornmonde, but because this is an earring article here are my TOP 5 recommendations♡ (you can click on the photos to check the products out!)

Nolan Rose Gold Earrings Set

If these aren’t the most gorgeous earrings you have ever seen, I don’t know what is ????

These pairs of earrings brighten up your ears and it’s just a WHOLE. MOOD.

You can wear them as your everyday earrings but they’re also perfect for a little occasion, too♡ They’re $146 and super lasting, so go check them out????

Peta Gold Butterfly Wing Earring Set

The next set of earrings I am going to recommend is the Peta gold butterfly wing earring set♡

These cost $126 and also comes in rose gold and silver. This includes a total of four earrings and it’s just the perfect pair to glam up your casual every day outfit.

The details are so intricate and these are definitely one of my favorites in Adornmonde❤️

Manni Gold Huggie Earring Set 

This manni gold huggie earring set also comes in four pieces, each being a crystal cross, starburst, cubic diamond, and star design.

People who have multiple spots pierced on your ears can enjoy them all at the same time, but people who only have one spot. Can enjoy each of the four piercings depending on what you feel like on the day.

Does it cost $112 but I honestly think it is a very affordable price for your beautiful pieces of earrings. These are also created with the 925 silver bass utilizing a luxury 14 karat gold plating, so you don’t have to be worried about sensitive skin or allergies.

This set is super cute and shiny, but are somewhat subtle at the same time✨

Click the pic. to go check it out xx

Griss Rose Gold Plated 925 Silver Crystal Hoop Earring Set

This gorgeous set of piercings actually only require you to have 1 location pierced! Through 1 piercing hole, it looks like you have 3 hoops on, creating a gorg look♡

The griss rose gold silver crystal earring hoops are popular all over the world, so you’re lucky if you find them in stock! But don’t worry — even if they’re sold out, you can always reserve for purchasing later!

This beauty costs $108, so it’s perfect for yourself or to buy for a friend xx

Randell Gold 925 silver rainbow crystal ear cuff set

The last pair of earrings I want to introduce to you guys is the rainbow crystal ear cuff set because who doesn’t like rainbow?!????❤︎

As mentioned, these are ear cuffs so you don’t have to have your ears pierced: you wrap them around your ears to put them in place. I personally am not a huge fan of ear cuffs because many of them start to hurt after a while, but these are too cute to resist????

These cost $94 and comes in 2 pieces, so you can wear both on one ear or put each on both ears!

SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! & get ready to slay once quarantine is over♡

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked today’s article xx

We’ll gradually be posting more articles in English, so stay tuned♪

Also, if you want to check out Adornmonde’s other accessories (they’re absolutely adorable, and they even have customs, shhhh!), check the link here! ????ADORNMONDE

See you soon!

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