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MAX DONAS Blush: Review on all colours!

[Original Text By: Maria Sahara] Hey guyssss ☺ So today I’m going to share the review of MAX DONAS Blush in all colours! 【You can read this article in 7min.↓】 These are the little boxes that arrived! Inside of the package looks like this↓ And here ↓↓↓↓ Look at the little hearts, it’s so cute♡ Here are the all colours that I tried out and now I’ll make comparisons of these colours(^O^)/ #1 Brun cuiver...


How to get ready for your sleepover date♡

[Original Text By: Kaai Yamada] Hello~ everyone Today’s topic is sleepover with your boyfriend♥ So imagine you are about to get yourself ready to go on your first ever sleepover date at your boyfriend’s house! There’s so many things to worry about and one of them being how you look after taking a bath… Yes. Which means NO MAKEUP((+_+)) Now, you look yourself in the mirror thinking “oh am I really gonnna look like this…...


Mysterious Lipstick: “Kailijumei” Review

[Original Text By: Kaai Yamada] Hey guys☺ Looking for a cute color of lipstick for a little change of your makeup look?! ???? Here’s a little review on this “Kailijumei” lipstick that everyone’s been talking about! This lipstick is not just an ordinary lipstick… Find out why! ↓↓↓↓ 【You can read this article in 3-5min.】 So the color I tried out was “flame red“ ↓ See the lipstick is quite fancy even from the package✨...


【Graduation Gift】3 Best Items That Can Be Customized with Names!

Hello, everyone ☺ Spring has officially arrived in Japan!! The cherry blossom is beautiful out there and it is the middle of graduation season in Japan now???? So today I’m introducing items that can be customized with names for graduates who will be working soon(‘ω’)ノ The items are super cute also for other occasion like birthday, so check them out♡ 【You can read this article in 5 min.↓】 Business Card Holders (Photo: list.php?category_id=11) It...


[Mascara that give you the look of extensions] MAX DONAS Mascara Review

Hey everyone!  Today I want to introduce to you a mascara that give you the look of eyelash extensions – super thick and super long!  [you can finish this article in 5 mins] What do you usually do to your eyelashes?? In all honesty, I think the best lashes can be achieved through eyelash extensions. But then the problem with lash extensions is that you need to get them done once a month, plus your...


The perfect lipstick series, MAX DONAS for a cute winter look! 

Original Text By Kaai Yamada Hey, guys☺ The weather recently is super cold(>_<)!Stay warm, everyone! [You can read this article in 5 min.] Today I’m introducing the whole series of lipstick from MAX DONAS! Who doesn’t want cute lip colors for winter season? ♡ MAX DONAS is a Chinese makeup brand which just released their new series of lipstick! You might be wondering “Hmm… but it’s made in China…  is it really okay…?” BUT DON’T...