The perfect lipstick series, MAX DONAS for a cute winter look! 


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Hey, guys☺

The weather recently is super cold(>_<)!Stay warm, everyone!

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Today I’m introducing the whole series of lipstick from MAX DONAS!

Who doesn’t want cute lip colors for winter season? ♡

MAX DONAS is a Chinese makeup brand which just released their new series of lipstick!

You might be wondering “Hmm… but it’s made in China…  is it really okay…?”


These lipsticks are made in China, but the products are very popular not only in China, but also in Hong Kong and other Asian countries(*^-^*)

I tried these out myself and thought it was great, so here’s my honest opinion that I wanted to share with you all!

There are 11 different colors in total.

Inside the package:

When you use it for the first time, press at least 10 times for the first bit of lipstick to come out.

If it STILL doesn’t come out, try pressing 5 more times lol

Be careful when you do this because once the material is out, you can’t put it back in unlike the normal type of lipstick.

About this much will do!(^^)!

Now, I know you’ve been waiting to see all the colors so here you go↓↓

No. 24:

This is definitely the to-go “fall color” — it’s kind of like plum.

What I like a lot about this lipstick is even though the colors are vibrant and semi-matte, your lips stay moisturized throughout the day☆

Red based brown eye-shadow would be great to give a little sense of unity for this color!

No. 25:

This one is super cute and it’s close to garnet red.

It’ll be perfect with a black outfit with wide brim hats to create that chic and cute look, or you can also go for the trendy marine cap to make that adult but cute style!

No. 26:

Coral pink is basic, but it’s so pretty and it really gives your face such a cute look.

A pink, brownish eye-shadow will complete the look or try brown eyeliner and eye-shadow with black mascara if you want to go for the natural look!

No. 27:

This one is a very vivid carmine red. You can use it as your main part of makeup to stand out with a brown eye-shadow and black eyeliner to finish the look!

No. 29:

This is a vermilion color. I’m a little tanned so I felt like this one really matched my skin color!

It can make you look healthy and cute at the same time(#^^#)

No. 31:

Pearl like salmon pink is too cute!! Best for mature but also cute, and natural look.

No. 37:


Very glamorous and it looks so much better in person when you actually try it on!

It looks a bit metallic, so it would suit events like Christmas festivals♡

It’ll also look super cute if you apply it over a simple lip color.

If you want to create plump lip look, try applying the gold color at the center of both upper and bottom lips.

No. 38:

This one looks like glittered✨ rosemary color.

Don’t be hesitated to try dark color like this purplish one — it has very adult like yet cute look and it’s perfect for fall season!

No. 39:

Vivid red!

This one is so beautiful, you will never be tired of this color for everyday use!(^^)!

No. 40:

Look at this one! So gorgeous, it’s glittered✨plum color which becomes a tone brighter than the plain plum color.

No. 41:

If you apply glittered✨salmon pink color, it transforms into a glossy lip!

That’s 11!

I hope you enjoyed all the lip colors!

Aren’t they all so cute?!

To give a very honest feedback, here are some of the pros and cons:


  • All the colors are amazing
  • The design of the package is simple and cute
  • The lipstick itself is very slim like a pen so you can apply it nicely without getting it over the lip line
  • The colors are nice and vibrant
  • The color stays long
  • This knock-type lipstick is easy to use


  • Smells a bit like paint
  • You have to press a lot of times during your first use
  • You can’t push the lipstick back inside
  • Avoid using if your lips can easily be chapped

Below are images of all 11 colors in order for your reference↓

Enjoy winter with amazing lip colors☆彡

Click here if you are interested!

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