Be a Trend-setter! Popular Gel Nail Designs for Winter 2018♡


Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve all had a good start to a new year!

Now let’s get right to today’s topic.

Have you started in creating a new self this year?

Similarly to the slogan,

“New year, New me”, have you thought about spicing up a part of your look, maybe a

“New year, New nails”?

Use the new year as an excuse to change up your style a bit!

I want to show you 4 gel nail designs that are perfect for winter 2018!

I’ll be showing designs for different styles including simple, glam, and cute styles so hope you find one that fits best for you!

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Silver Glitter Gradient Nails


The first design is for those who like a sophisticated look –

Silver glitter gradient nails!

Silver glitter looks just like pretty snowflakes so it is definitely perfect for the winter time!

For those of you who think color on your full nail is a bit too vibrant, I recommend gradient nail looks!

If you desire a more detailed design, add some small stones or stars around the tip of your gradient nails. It will go extremely well with your winter outfit!

Unicorn Powder Nails


The next design has been popular worldwide and a big hit within social media.

Unicorn powder nails!

As seen on social media such as Instagram and Twitter,  it has been receiving more attention than mirror nails.

Unicorn powder is holographic so it creates a mirror-like gloss shine, and depending on its angle it shines in a rainbow color!

Why not try the most popular nail design on media for your new winter look?

If you really are going for a new look this year, I recommend you unicorn powder as rainbow colors shine on your nails and make them look magical.

Again, for those of you who think it is a bit too much for have all your nails done holographic, you could go for some holo and some matte. This will give you the perfect playful, yet chic look!

Vivid Red Nails


For those who are looking for a simple, but vivid nail look, the perfect nails for you would be –

Vivid Red Nails!

Although it is just one color on your nails, fiery red adds a lot to your look during the cold winter days.

You can wear simple black and white coordinated clothing and you would still be able to look fashionable with hot red peeking from your nails.

No worries going on dates with your boyfriend with such clean nails colored in a classy red.

Gucci Nails


The last nail design is undoubtedly my favorite out of all –

Gucci nails!

In recent years, it has been increasingly popular amongst early 20’s to wear high-end brands like Gucci and Prada.

Some people think their designs and logos are trendy, but because it is a high-end brand all of their handbags and wallets are expensive and unaffordable.

And that is why I recommend these nails to those who think the same way!

You don’t have to carry a Gucci bag to look fashionable; why not carry a Gucci design on your nails?

It is way more affordable than handbags and wallets, and definitely a style to show through your nails whilst wearing a big fur coat!

If you want to achieve the ultimate glamorous look, I highly recommend you get these Gucci nails!

Complete your winter look with “New year, New Nails”!

Try showing a picture of a nail design to your nail salon that you favored from the 4!

I hope you all have an amazing nail life this year!

Hina Ishibashi


Hi! I’m a university student in Tokyo and I am in love with American fashion, makeup, cosmetics, music, festivals, magazines, food, gossip, workouts, and so much more. I’ve been into the American lifestyle for a while now so I’m more than excited to share it with you guys! Let’s get the LA vibe going!!


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