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Cute and Comfortable Shoes to Wear for Festivals★

[Original Text By: Hina Ishibashi] Hello! It’s Hina and today’s article is on “Cute and Comfortable Shoes to Wear for Festivals” ★ What you wear for festivals are really important, especially shoes because you don’t want your shoes to ruin your time at festivals!! Here are some shoes I recommed for festivals that are cute and comfy at the same time(^.^)/~~~ ↓↓↓↓ 【You can read this article in 5min.↓】 Sneakers (Photo: Sneakers are always...


[Must-haves for a Fashionista] Top 5 clothing pieces for the winter season!

Merry Christmas! How do you usually celebrate Christmas? On such a special day during the winter season, don’t you feel like dressing up a bit? Today I want to share with you: Top 5 winter items that every girl should own! 【You can read this article in 5 min. ↓】 Knitted Top I’m sure most of you know, but a knitted top should definitely be in one of your drawers! Cable knit sweaters have been...


10 Must-Have Free iPhone Apps that you can’t miss out!!

Original Text: By Maria Sahara Hello, everyone! I’m sure many of you think that “I wanna keep up with the trend and know all the popular apps, but there is just way too many apps out there and takes up too much space on my phone if I download everything unnecessarily…” Today I’m introducing 10 Must-Have Free iPhone Apps that you can’t miss out! Make sure you scroll down to find out those apps that...