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Top 3 BBQ Spots in Tokyo that you can go empty-handed!

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the fall weather🍂 Fall season is not too hot or too cold and it’s perfect for… BBQ!! BBQ can be too much of work if you try to put everything together by yourself. But in Tokyo, there are many places where you can just go empty-handed, so today I’m going to introduce Top 3 BBQ Spots in Tokyo★ 【You can read this article in 3min.↓】 Kasai Rinkai Park BBQ...


【How to Relax】4 Easy ways to relax especially for lazy people!

[Original Text by: Ayaka Nishimura] Hi, it’s Ayaka and today I will be sharing some tips on how to relax at home ☺ So when you are out at work, school or even hanging out with your friends, (let’s be honest) it’s TIRING! Of course I’m having fun when I’m out with my friends and all, but you get home and you suddenly feel this exhaustion out of your body that you only realize when...


【Shibuya, Tokyo】3 Perfect Terrace Cafes to Go on a Sunny Day!

Hey guys~ The weather’s been really nice and warm these days☀ It’s finally time to enjoy the sunny weather by going to terrace cafes! I’m going to introduce 3 perfect terrace cafes in Shibuya, Tokyo★ 【You can read this article in 3min.】 347 Cafe & Lounge (Photo: https://tokyo-killingtime.com/shibuya-station/) The first one to introduce is “347 Cafe & Lounge” just near the TOWER RECORDS in Shibuya. There is a pool by the table, it’s really pretty and...